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Secure Your Family Heritage

Family Website-DevastatedImagine, losing a lifetime of family photo’s because your Facebook or Instagram account got hacked, or your phone got stolen!!

Are you prepared to take the risk?


Gone are the days of photo albums. In fact, it’s difficult to even buy one, for obvious reasons. The print gets moldy and the photo paper fades. Everyone has gone digital. So where do you keep the thousands of photos of your loved ones, wedding photos, graduation, and all the memorable events throughout your life?

The most common places are:

  • Facebook
  • Mobile Phone
  • Hard drive
  • Cloud space like Google Drive

Let’s take a look at why all these platforms and devices are risky and why you should consider an alternative.


family website-Facebook hackerFACEBOOK owns your content.

  • Facebook owns your content. Whilst Facebook is a convenient and user-friendly way of accessing your content, it is PUBLIC and Facebook can do what they like with it. If you don’t comply with their policies, they will deactivate your account, which simply means you can’t access your content and no one can see it. The process of retrieving your content is a rather daunting task and not guaranteed. Keeping your content your most precious moments and memories on Facebook is like pinning them on a notice board in the supermarket or on the back of a nightclub toilet door.
  • If your account gets hacked your images can disappear overnight and you won’t know who is using them.
  • “Why would someone want to hack me”? The internet is full of very dark matter including people. Hackers and Pedophiles love this space and your content is available to them.
  • I have security settings that are private. Wrong. These may apply to the average user but not to hackers, pedophiles, and Facebook.

MOBILE PHONES are just mobile hard drives.

If your phone crashes,  is lost, or stolen your content is gone, or worse, in the hands of a thief.  

HARD DRIVES can break

Hard drives are the most secure but also susceptible to breakage and data loss. It is advisable to have more than one.


Cloud storage is growing in demand, but more for business. Using the cloud for 5 TB of photos will be costly. It is also not very user-friendly for viewing. Once again, the platform is not yours, so you don’t own it.

The saying goes, "If you wouldn't post it on a bill board, don't post it"

family website billboard

Social media has created a user-friendly system to store your photo’s on their platform and mobile devices. What we fail to see is their business model. They need your content and data in order to run their advertising campaigns. So the more we upload the more data they collect. Whilst all the platforms mentioned above are suitable and have their merits we do not recommend using them as your primary backups but rather as the last resort or secondary backup.




Important: Do not use web platforms like WIX or SQUARESPACE as you do not own your content either and are not transferable if you want to move your website to another host.


You need more than one space to keep your sentimental content.

Facebook has become a place for sharing posts, not content. There is a difference. Sharing a post about an event, petrol prices or you and friends having lunch is the norm. Not your wife in the hospital bed with your 1-hour-old newborn or your 16-year-old daughter in her matric dance dress. 

Very few people backup their phones and if your cloud server fails your Family Heritage is gone. 

Last and most important the average person by the age of 40 will have over 10 000 photos using around 1 TB of space. Storage is one of the biggest growing industries. However platforms like WhatsApp store images on your phone which takes up space. If you don’t back these up to a cloud or hard drive you will run out of space. 

So, if all your photos originate from your phone, then you need to take action in SECURING YOUR FAMILY HERITAGE. Backup your phone to an external hard drive and allocate those images you want to be shared with friends and family to a folder that can be used for your FAMILY WEBSITE.

A FAMILY WEBSITE is the BEST way to SECURE YOUR FAMILY HERITAGE with the original content stored on a backup hard drive.

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