Sales Terms & Conditions


  1. Definitions

  2. Managed Packages

  3. Once off Design

  4. Access to the backend
  5. Content Requirements

  6. Design

  7. Stock Images

  8. Copyright

  9. Lead Times

  10. Signoff Approval

  11. Google Submission

  12. Licencing

  13. Domains

  14. Termination of services

  15. Payment

  16. Additional Costs

  17. Disclaimer

  18. Services

  19. Hosting

  20. Promotion

  21. Relationship


Trend Media Marketing will be referred to as “TM”

The “client” is the customer

“Content” includes images, documents, creatives, writing and any other material provided for the final product.

Managed Packages

Managed packages are discounted all-in-one turnkey solutions.

Managed packages are provided on an ongoing basis and services are provided monthly

The purpose of the managed package is to build the client’s business and provide a long-term sustainable marketing service. A new design is provided every 2-3 yrs depending on the client.

Once off Design

Before work can commence you will be required to:

  • Register your domain with a hosting company (website address)
  • Buy a hosting package (You will need to find a hosting company)
  • Provide us with the client login details to your hosting account
  • Purchase the relevant package from our online shop

Access to the backend

Admin access is allocated:

  1. To ONCE OFF PACKAGES where the owner will take over the admin and all aspects of the website. See ONCE OFF DESIGN.
  2. E-commerce websites where the client required access to manage the shop section of the website. Access is limited in this case to only the e-commerce section of the website.
  3. Custom code is required from an external developer.

No user access is granted to managed packages. 

Content Requirements

The onus is on the client to provide a wireframe and planned layout of the website. This must include all pages, content, images and any other information required for our design.

Should the client not have the above then the option will be to have TM provide a website with Stock images and Ai generated content. The client will have the option to accept the supplied content or provide content as per the content requirements

All written content is copied and pasted into the platform. Designers will not re-type any content. Written content must be supplied as text. TM will not be held responsible for grammar or spelling mistakes. Images may only be supplied in JPG, PNG and PDF. Logos are to be supplied in vector format. 

No Content via WhatsApp will be accepted.  Whilst we encourage WhatsApp communication, content sent via WhatsApp cannot be distributed to our team and applied to a CRM effectively. Images also lose quality and compatibility with Photoshop and need to be reformatted.

All content is to be submitted via the website forms, email or Wetransfer.


All our websites use a theme. WordPress themes are professionally designed to provide maximum user functionality. Whilst we endeavour to provide a unique and personalised design for each customer, features and functionality are standard and allow for limited customization. Premium themes and plugins are available by request for personalized customization which does carry an extra cost. 

Any custom artwork remains the IP of TM. Original file artwork may be requested at the standard design fee at the time.

Stock images

TM Pays a premium subscription for licenced stock images which are only provided with the client’s permission. Stock Images remain the property of TM and licences are not transferable.


TM will not be responsible for any content copyright infringements supplied by the client.

Lead times

Lead times vary from 5 days to 3 months depending on the scope of works and are applied from receipt of content. Failure by the client to provide content on time will result in the lead time being altered and rescheduled in line with current jobs in the system. Any external circumstances resulting in the delay of the project will require a revision of the completion date and will not be held liable for any damages resulting therefrom whatsoever.

Signoff  Approval

Design is approved by the client at various stages of development. Final signoff confirms the client has approved all designs and presentations and agrees to the completion of the final product.

Google Submission:

Only managed packages include basic on-page SEO and are submitted to Google for indexing.

Please note that Google submission is only for your site to “appear” on Google and is separate from ranking and lead generation. A marketing plan is essential if you want to drive traffic to your website


TM uses licenced Premium page builders and Plugins are not transferrable. Should the client require a once-off website a premium licence will be required to maintain updates.


Registered domains remain the property of the client. Domains registered with TM will be released on termination of services.

Termination of Services

Should the client choose to terminate their services then one calendar month’s notice from the beginning of the following month is required. Termination will only take place on the final settlement of any outstanding invoices including domain renewals, licence fees etc.

Managed packages are provided on an ongoing basis and services are provided monthly. Should the client cancel then all content is deleted and services terminated. Should the client within a 24-month period, want to transfer to another provider and retain the existing content, a clawback fee of no less than 12 months instalments will apply to recoup design and consultation costs.


Managed Packages:

Managed packages are invoiced monthly in advance. Payment is required by the 1st of the month. Our systems are automated and receipts are allocated daily to your account. Overdue accounts will receive a reminder and if a payment is not allocated to the account by the 7th of the month, the system will automatically suspend the account. All services including web hosting and emails will be suspended until payment is allocated. We strongly recommend structuring a scheduled payment with your bank to avoid suspension in the event of non-payment.

 Additional Costs

Occasionally custom configuration requires extra design or plugins. Any additional costs will be quoted before work is undertaken.


TM will not be held liable for any damages caused by downtime, hacking, copyright infringement or any other circumstances whatsoever.


Packages provide a full scope of services and the onus is on the client to utilise the services. Failure to utilise the full scope of services will still require full payment of such a package.


Hosting packages include website content, databases and emails. The client agrees to manage email accounts accordingly so as to prevent the package from reaching its quota. No external hosting providers are permitted.


The client agrees to allow TM to display its company link in their website footer.


TM values and treats clients’ relationships as a top priority and will endeavour to provide superior products and services to maintain such relationships. TM reserves the right to terminate any agreement in the event the client brings the company into disrepute or posts any negative information about the company on social media or any other public platform.