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Digital Marketing Courses.

This unique Digital Marketing Course was designed through the demand from corporates who required an in house staff member to oversee their marketing and branding.

Marketing managers, graphic designers, buyers, web developers all come at a cost. These are all the skills required to maintain a basic presence in the market.

From Setting up artwork for business cards to commissioning the correct signage, setting up the company’s website, and maintaining the companies social media footprint, this course is the only course on the market that provides all these elements in 2 days.

On completion of the course, the candidate is provided with a certificate and unique number which is entered on our database for verification. Any employer may verify the authenticity of the certificate provided by a potential job seeker.

Train a staff member in just 2 days to manage your marketing

  • Corporate branding.
    • Brand logistics includes the design brief of the event, Artwork design and set up for all branding, including business cards, signage, diaries, events, corporate wear, vehicle signage and more.
  • Web Design.
    • Setup and design of the company website and the inplementation of copywriting and SEO. Includes, changes, maintenance, hosting, emails, domain names, backups, updates etc
  • Digital Marketing.
    • How to integrate the companies website with social media, and email marketing and in line with the companies marketing stratagey.
  • Social Media
    • Setup of facebook and instagram pages and Facebook Business Manager. Creation of adverts, targeted audience, tracking pixels and design of creatives. 

This course is conducted via Zoom or onsite.

For Zoom a fibre internet connection is required and a PC with at least 8gb of ram.

For onsite presentations a projector and screen are required or a large screen tv.

Onsite presentation are only available within a 20km radius of Durban's Westville Area.

Brand Logistics Lecturer-Cyde LouwOperation Director at Trend Media Marketing (Pty)Ltd, Clyde Louw has dealt with small and large manufacturers, resellers, agencies and governments. From the 2010 world cup soccer in South Africa to being the project director for the 24th Men’s World Handball championships in Doha Qatar, the fastest growing hub of sports facilities in the world and elected home for the 2022 Soccer World cup. Branding Surfing events,  A1 racing and the PGA are all part of his portfolio.

 All these events showcase incredible marketing from print to LED, Web design to Social media. Like most industries, the consumer seldom experiences the logistics of the end products or service, only the end result, as that is what should happen. The objective is to provide a good experience for the customer. -Clyde Louw-

2 Day Course: 09h00 - 15h30

R 1995 p/p - 1 Candidate

R 1795 p/p  - 2 Candidates or 

R 1595 p/p  - 3 Candidates or more