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Basic Marketing Funnel Every Business Should Have

In today’s digital landscape, merely having a website and a Facebook page isn’t enough to propel your business forward. Many companies find themselves with digital footprints that lack direction, resulting in missed opportunities for lead generation and conversion. The truth is, that effective marketing goes beyond surface-level efforts – it requires a comprehensive strategy that encompasses graphic design, web development, targeted advertising, and email campaigns.marketing funnel - Ecommerce Package managed web design packages

Consider this: the journey towards customer conversion begins with a well-crafted ad campaign. Picture yourself scrolling through social media and stumbling upon an enticing offer for the latest mobile phone. You click, you’re redirected to a sleek landing page, and before you know it, you’ve made a purchase, enticed by a limited-time coupon. Subsequently, your inbox fills with tailored offers, seamlessly guiding you back to the website for more.

Here's an overview of the Basic Marketing Funnel Every Business Should Have


Reach / Engagement


  • Facebook Business Manager Manager
  • Facebook Page
  • Value Offer
  • Target Audience
  • Campaign Objective
  • Budget
  • Ad Creative
  • Clear CTA (Call to action)
  • Tracking Pixel


Leads Capture

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  • Professional Responsive Website
  • Well structured landing page (No header or footer)
  • Clear Value offer (From Facebook Ad)
  • Clear Call to action
  • Tracking Pixel
  • User Friendly navigation
  • Thank you page after form Submission / checkout
  • Google Analytics Integration


Leads Management & Client Retention

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  • Managed leads list / CRM
  • Email Platform (Mailchimp)
  • Audience segments 
  • Email Delivery Schedule
  • Reports


Upsell & Remarketing

marketing funnel


  • Well-structured landing page (No header or footer)
  • Clear Value offer (From Facebook Ad)
  • Clear Call to action
  • Tracking Pixel
  • User Friendly navigation
  • Thank you page after form Submission/checkout
  • Google Analytics Integration

marketing funnelThis intricate dance of digital marketing elements forms the backbone of successful lead generation and conversion. Your website serves as more than just a virtual storefront – it’s a dynamic tool for capturing and converting leads into loyal customers.

But how do you navigate this landscape effectively? How do you ensure your business stands out amidst the digital noise?

Our tailored marketing packages offer the solution you’ve been searching for. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur seeking to establish your online presence or a seasoned business owner in need of a marketing revamp, our comprehensive packages provide the expertise and support you need to thrive in today’s competitive market.

Don’t settle for a loose attempt at digital marketing – invest in a strategy that delivers results. Take the first step towards unlocking your business’s full potential. 

Don’t let your business fade into the digital abyss

Are you looking for an affordable marketing plan to boost your business? Perhaps you just starting out and not sure how to get your business in front of your customer.

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