Are you a Facebook Idiot?

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Find out if you are making an IDIOT of yourself on Social Media. Have you ever thought how many people actually see your posts. Friends of friends of friends. Posts about God, your latest washing machine, checking in (that’s my favorite) and probably the dumbest of them all, you and your kids. Are you aware of how many paedophiles there are on Facebook. Do you put photo’s of your daughter riding a pony on a supermarket notice board, or on the back of your car? Maybe post your sexy 14 year old daughter on the back of a nightclub toilet door? Well posting them on Facebook is possibly worse!  Parents who think they are only sharing pics with friends are in for a shocker. And don’t think your security settings are going to stop the vermin from accessing your profile.

Read about….

“What predators look for when you post photos of your children online” Predators judge photos by their “erotic potential”

Posting photo shopped banners of religion and “if you don’t share you don’t love God” shows complete immature disregard for other cultures and beliefs. No-one wants to see your two poodles asleep, or how much you love your wife, take her to bed and show her. In case you need a guideline, Facebook requires the same content as google wants from a website. “GOOD CONTENT” People will eventually treat you just like google does and throw you at the bottom of the list if your content is not relative or interesting. Remember you have to scroll through hundreds of posts everyday. The last thing I want to see is Aunt Eunice with her 20 yr old sausage dog sitting in a chair.

Here are 10 of our FACE BOOK IDIOT choices

People who post or share:

Pictures of their KIDS.  The next post you are likely to post is “PLEASE SHARE. MISSING BABY” (I hope your kids get you for this one day)

A photo of a coffee cup – with quote “ready for work” I have no words for this.

Motivational quotes that are older than Facebook. Yawn.

“If you don’t love God keep scrolling” (Super Idiot). How about if atheists post “Like if you have a little imaginary friend”

“Watch till the end” And then nothing happens. Actually I am the idiot for even watching this one.

Ghost videos that are clearly Photo Shopped. And people still believe this. Just read the dumb comments.

People from the 80’s who post 80’s videos. Don’t you think 90% of the cronies from the 80’s haven’t YouTubed every video from that time already?

A pic of a delicious meal with no recipe. GRRRR

A selfie of you, just you, nothing else??? Swipe

Respect the fact that your friend and friends of friends have to read your boring stuff. Consider the fact that what you are writing or sharing has your name behind, FOREVER. and your POST maybe as old as the hills and in fact you are making a complete idiot of yourself instead of getting the “Hooraah” which is really what you want isn’t it? ATTENTION, YOU WANT TO FEEL ACCEPTED. “I NEED THOSE LIKES”.

After all that’s exactly what Mark Zuckerberg wants you to think, that everyone likes you. I cant wait for the “IDIOT BUTTON”. Have you noticed that mostly successful people and those with a busy, interesting lifestyle are very scarce on Facebook and every now and then post a pic of something random. Apart from politicians, activists and celebrities, who have reason to have their say, the only ones shouting their mouths off are those who are generally looking for attention or really bored, which means they are looking for attention.

Your social footprint can also get you hired and fired. One of the key elements that recruiters are using ARE SOCIAL MEDIA PROFILES. A good profile beats a degree with drunken pics of you and your friends. In the same way you can loose a career. Read how Harvard booted 10 candidates.

Harvard Rescinds Admissions To 10 Students For Offensive Facebook Memes

And finally….

Emma Sadleir, a Social Media Law Expert  hits the nail on the head when she quotes..

“If you would not post it on a bill board on a freeway, don’t post it.