Our Vision & Mission

affordable digital marketing


To partner with and grow small businesses giving them the power to manage their own digital footprint.

Our Vision affordable digital marketing


Our Mission affordable digital marketing

To provide affordable digital marketing packages and training to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Every business faces the daunting task of marketing. Gone are the days of print media, banners, and flyers. Digital marketing is the order of the day and is no longer a contemplation but rather non-negotiable. If you do not have a basic online footprint your business will struggle.

Unlike accounting or engineering, marketing is a very loose industry. It is forever changing and new innovations and ideas are conceived on a daily basis so qualifications and skills are “grey” and as Elon Musk and a number of Billionaire tech giants say” We look at critical thinking and College does not teach this”.

The industry and especially social media lead businesses to believe that marketing is DIY. Whilst there are hundreds of platforms available the average businessperson will not be able to manage digital marketing and run their business, the learning curve and rate of change are too intense.

COVID-19 was the catalyst for thousands of wanna-be digital marketers. With lock downs and online trading skyrocketing, anyone that could post on Facebook was now a digital marketer overcharging and under-delivering obsolete and sub-standard products,  leaving businesses out of pocket with a damaged online footprint.

Trend Media Marketing has identified these trends and after 15 yrs of corporate branding, web design, and marketing we have positioned our business to provide small businesses with affordable managed packages and training,  giving businesses and entrepreneurs the power to manage their own digital footprint.

Managed packages are the most popular and created for businesses that do not have the skill or resources to manage their marketing in-house, but require a professional online footprint and marketing support for a fraction of the price to employ a web developer, graphic designer and social media marketer.

By outsourcing your marketing you are relieved of the headache surrounding employee training, red tape and management.

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