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“2020 – What on Earth Happened?”

Clyde Louw Operations and Creative DirectorAs 2020 comes to an end, one can’t help but wonder “what on earth happened?”

There is no doubt this entity has the world divided.  Some accept Covid19 as a tragic pandemic and an act of God, others are in rebellion and convinced of a conspiracy and world reset.

No matter what your thoughts, things have changed and many have been affected. Many companies have gone under, families have lost their livelihood and for some, their loved ones.

Businesses have had to retrench, re-shuffle and for most, shift their entire business model. A large portion or acceleration of thisthink outside the box shift has been in the online industry. For South Africa, this has not been as easy as the rest of the modern world. Most South Africans are very familiar with buying online. But setting up to sell online is not as easy as one might think. Going by the flood of inquiries over the past 6 months it is easy to establish that the general perception of an online store is simply because it is online.

Trend Media Marketing has been at the forefront of this perception and our biggest challenge has been accommodating the massive demand and at the same time educating prospects on the complexity of the setup. Most owners know they want an online business and that’s where it stops.

package presentationProduct presentation takes a different dimension online as the packaging is not the only seller. Photography and user experience take over. Product attributes, Variations, SKU’s (Stock Keeping Units or Stock codes), Shipping, Shipping Zones, Tax, Pricing,  Coupons, the list goes on. And then the marketing starts. SEO, copywriting, Social Media, public relations…..

One finally realizes the only difference between your warehouse and the eCommerce store is brick and mortar. Everything else is the same. 

Yet we always get asked the same question, Why so expensive? The online industry has led most to believe that one can get an eCommerce website from $ 79pm. Or my uncle’s wife sister can do it.

Well, you can, if you set it up yourself and manage it yourself.  

Digital Marketing and Web Site management is no longer a once-off cost. It is a monthly investment. Once you apply this train of thought and budget accordingly you will take your business to a new level. The biggest mistake most entrepreneurs can make is DIY. 

There are thousands of online DIY marketing platforms. What they don’t tell you is that you need to have digital knowledge or be prepared to invest at least a year of your time and money learning the basics, and by that time everything will have changed., so you start again.

That is why we are continually updating our product range to suit our client’s needs and to stay ahead of trends and new developments.

Going into 2021 we will beTraining introducing a new range of exciting packages including a training course that is geared to training a staff member or two to manage all your digital marketing needs. The course will cover Web development, Hosting, Emails, Graphic design, Corporate Branding to name a few. This will allow you to manage all your marketing in-house without having to pay massive salaries or fees for outsourcing. View More here.

Due to Covid19 and the overwhelming demand for E-commerce and short lead time expectancy we have had to cut off all intake of projects as at the end of Nov 2020 in order to deliver our jobs in queue.

The Team at Trend Media Marketing would like to thank you for your support and look forward to very interesting times and massive opportunities ahead as partners in digital growth.

We Wish You all a Merry Christmas, Festive Season, and Prosperous 2021